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Green Roofing

TCK supply, install and maintain green roof and sedum roof systems. A green roof is a roof of a building that is partially or completely covered with vegetation and a growing medium, planted over a waterproofing membrane. Green roofs serve several purposes for a building, such as absorbing rainwater, providing insulation, creating a habitat for wildlife, and helping to lower urban air temperatures. Many sedum species are available which flower and provide an attractive roof covering. Components of a green roof are:

  • Timber Frame – holds the green roof elements onto the roof. Extra supports may be needed to ensure that the building can take the load.
  • Root membrane – damp-proof membrane.
  • Filter Sheet – this stops fine material from leaving the roof. It holds the fine soils but allows water to pass through.
  • Moisture Blanket – a geotextile membranes which holds moisture.
  • Substrate – this is the medium in which the plants will grow and should consist of aggregate such as crushed concrete/brick, limestone chippings, gravels or clay pellets. This should be at the base to free drainage. Finally, the top layer consists of sand or soil.
  • Plants – the species selected will depend on the substrate and the substrate depth. They can be seeded or plug planted.

With everyone taking a more in-depth look at how they can be more environmentally conscious, the green roof is becoming increasingly popular for domestic and commercial buildings. At TCK Roofing & Building we cover your roof in a waterproof membrane on which vegetation and a growing medium are planted – this absorbs rainfall while wildlife flourishes.

By planting on your roof you offer something back to nature and have greater insulation for your home. In summer the sun’s rays will be absorbed by green roof systems and in winter your home will have added insulation.

As a third generation family-run company, and with 50 years of experience, you can rely on our professional green roof construction services. We provide timber frames, root membranes, filter sheets, moisture blankets, substrate and plants to ensure your green roof is stable and secure.

Simply contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss your green roofing needs in London, North, North West, West London, Herts West Bucks, and Watford.