When Should I Replace My Roof?

You should seek advice on replacing your roof whenever you notice key warning signs of aging or damage, including: roof sagging, broken or missing tiles, extensive moss and lichen growth, interior water damage, or granules in the gutter

In this article, we will delve deeper into these pointers, advise on the most favourable season to replace your roof, and explore why finding the best contractor for the job is so important.

When Should I Replace My Roof

If you spot any of the following signs, it’s time to call a professional roofing contractor to investigate further.

7 Warning Signs That You Might Need a New Roof

  • Cracked, curling or missing tiles – depending on how many are damaged it could be more cost-effective to replace the whole roof rather than replace each individual tile.
  • The roof appears to be sagging – this could indicate a structural issue, so it’s important to act quickly if you spot this telltale sign.
  • The age of your roof spans beyond 20 years – different roof materials/structures possess different expected lifespans, so this figure will be different depending on your specific roof.
  • Neighbours are beginning to replace their roofs – to compete with the neighbourhood when it comes time to sell up, it might be wise to update as well.
  • Extensive moss or lichen growth – purely a cosmetic issue, but can spread across a wide coverage and be unsightly if left untreated.
  • Water damage – damp patches inside your home may be caused by internal problems, but could also be an inprobldicator of a damaged roof.
  • Granules in the gutter – if you notice the protective roof granules falling after installing a new roof, this is normal. However, if they begin falling after many years of use and collecting in your gutter, it’s an indication that your roof is aging.

Ultimately, if you are asking do I need a new roof then an expert opinion is always worth seeking. An experienced roofing contractor, such as TCK Roofing, will cast a professional eye over your roof and assess if it needs a replacement.

What Time of Year Should I Replace My Roof?

Any decent roofing contractor will deliver quality roofing results regardless of the season. However, there are certain times of the year that offer more favourable conditions than others.

Winter is the least favourable time to replace a roof, due to the cold conditions and high chance of precipitation.

Spring and summer are better options, due to the warmer temperatures and reduced chance of showers – and thanks to the UK’s mild climate, summers are usually not hot enough to harm/warp materials or sealants.

Autumn is also a viable choice, as it’s prime time to make repairs and complete work before the harsh winter sets in.

Choosing the Right Contractor

Replacing your roof is a big job. You need a roofing contractor who is skilled and trustworthy. Therefore, the experience, knowledge, and reputation of your chosen contractor is just as important as the price. It’s these qualities that will guarantee a roofing solution that is safe, watertight, and top-quality – and more importantly, will last you for many years.  

With almost 50 years as professional roofing contractors, you can trust TCK Roofing to offer all-encompassing services for clients throughout North West London and Hertfordshire. We employ the latest technologies to offer total roof replacements, installations, repairs, and associated building work. Our experts are always on hand to offer sage advice – get in touch today to discuss your planned project.