When Should I Call A Roofing Contractor?

You should call a roofing contractor whenever you suspect your roof to be damaged, aging, or if it’s withstood extreme weather. Taking care of your roof is important not only for the health and safety of your home, but also the people who live in it. Roof upkeep is also vital for securing yourself the best possible asking price for your property when it comes time to sell up and to prevent further damages from happening. In this article, we’ll describe the main reasons to call a roofing contractor and why their services are invaluable to your home’s welfare.

First Things First…

Knowing when to call a roofing contractor depends on your ability to keep a close eye on the condition of your roof, yet often it’s too dangerous for homeowners to access their roofs. To get a sense of whether your roof may need some attention, either call out a professional to inspect the roof for you, or view from the ground using a pair of binoculars.

Signs You Should Call a Roofing Contractor

  • Loose, damaged, or missing roof tiles. High winds, ice, snow, moss, age, or internal watermark staining – there are many reasons why your roof tiles might be suffering. This can result in increased exposure to the elements, which can in turn cause further damage your roof structure. As such, any faulty or missing tiles/slates, flashings, valley lining, or other membrane coverings, should be replaced immediately by a trusted professional in order to prevent further problems and additional damage costs being incurred.
  • Raised roof tiles/slates: If certain roof tiles look raised above the rest, this could indicate problems with roof supports, strong wind, or storm disturbance. Correct insulation and ventilation of the roof space is important to prevent condensation, wet dampness, and mould problems.
  • Aging roof: Even the highest quality roof will inevitably require more attention as it gets older. As a general rule, it’s advisable to replace pitched tiled/slate roofs every 70/80 years and flat roofs every 20/30 years, but this depends on the quality of the original workmanship and the qualities of the materials used. After a while, elements of your roof can begin to decline due to weathering and aging. If you suspect your roof as needing a replacement, firstly book yourself an expert roof inspection to decide if your roof has life in it yet. A specialist roofing contractor, such as TCK Roofing, offer thorough and comprehensive inspections, along with quality repairs or total roof replacement if required.
  • Water damaged ceilings or lofts: It’s not just the exterior of your home that can give clues to your roof condition. You should also pay attention to signs within your home, such as water stains on your ceilings, walls, and loft, which can hint at issues with your roof, guttering, valleys or flashing. Not tackling these leaks could result in rotting and further structural damage to your roof, so it’s important that professional roofers tackle these issues the moment they arise.
  • An excess of granules: Gutters and downspouts can accumulate granules from roof tiles, and if they are collecting a excessive amount this could be a sign that your tiles are reaching the end of their life. It’s important that these granules are present, as they have an important purpose of protecting your roof from heat.
  • Sagging roof: If your roof looks misshapen or like it’s sagging, then this could be a sign of rotting, warping or structural issues.Weak or old deteriorated mortar pointing on hip and ridge tiles or between brickworks on chimney stacks and walls above roof level can cause wet dampness to seep down to below roof level and cause wet rot damage to adjacent roof timbers.It’s crucial that a roofing company casts a professional eye over to check for serious damage – this can be done by a specialist company such as TCK Roofing.
  • Extreme weather: Mother nature can cause lots of problems for your roof, from ice dams to wind and hail damage. That’s why it’s vital you check your roof after a spell of particularly bad weather to ensure it’s still performing at its best.

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