Flat Roof vs Pitched Roof: Which is better?

Flat Roof vs Pitched Roof

Whether you’re building a home from scratch, or replacing your roof with a brand new design – the first you’ll need to weigh up the pros and cons of both flat roof and pitched roofs. Both your personal requirements and the needs of your property will sway your decision either way, so it’s vital to […]

When Should I Call A Roofing Contractor?

Flat Roof vs Pitched Roof

You should call a roofing contractor whenever you suspect your roof to be damaged, aging, or if it’s withstood extreme weather. Taking care of your roof is important not only for the health and safety of your home, but also the people who live in it. Roof upkeep is also vital for securing yourself the […]

How to clean and maintain gutters

Maintenance and regular cleaning of gutter systems and internal box gutter valleys can prevent problems and further damages happening to your property, such as water damage and overflowing. Signs of issues include irregular water flow, mould growth, sagging of external gutters, internal leaks, wet stain marks, and damaged ceiling below box gutter valleys. In this […]

How to solve the most common roofing problems

As the most exposed part of your house, your roof endures lots of wear and tear over the years. To guarantee its longevity, it’s vital that problems with your roof are identified quickly so that roof repair can be carried out to prevent the problem from worsening. Common roofing issues include; slow seeping leaks, leaking roofs, […]

How to Increase Your Home’s Value with a New Roof

A new roof can increase your home’s value by improving selling price, selling time and kerb appeal. Not only this, but a new roof can improve the structural integrity and safety of your home whilst you’re still living there. A new roof may seem like a pricey investment, but the benefits it reaps are well […]

What Is Involved In A Roof Inspection?

  The importance of a healthy roof cannot be underestimated. No matter which roofing material is used or how well-installed it is, all roofs weather and undergo deterioration over time. Often this damage is not immediately apparent and will require a specialist eye to spot the signs. Roof inspections are vital procedures for maintaining the […]

Welcome To Our Blog

We are pleased to welcome you to our brand new blog page. The team at TCK Roofing will be using this space to post how-to guides and other handy articles to answer frequently asked questions. Our professionals are a third generation company that has been established for over 47 years. As a result, we have […]