How to clean and maintain gutters

man removing leaves from gutters

Maintenance and regular cleaning of gutter systems and internal box gutter valleys can prevent problems and further damages happening to your property, such as water damage and overflowing. Signs of issues include irregular water flow, mould growth, sagging of external gutters, internal leaks, wet stain marks, and damaged ceiling below box gutter valleys. In this simple guide, we’ll be covering how to identify gutter problems, and how you can effectively keep your gutters clean and well-maintained.

Why do gutters and box gutter valleys need maintenance?

Gutters and box gutter valleys play an essential role transporting away rainwater that has fallen on a roof. This protects any windows, doors and building foundations and parts of the building from water damage caused by heavy precipitation. If gutters and internal box gutter valleys or downspouts become damaged or blocked, their efficiency is hugely compromised, leading to overflowing, water pooling and water damage. Gutter and valley overflow may also eventually damage roof membrane and possible other external and interior parts of the building.

How can I identify gutter and internal box gutter valley problems?

Catching problems early is the key to avoiding issues worsening over time, and therefore becoming more costly to repair.

  • Use fully secured ladders and use any other necessary safety equipment to examine your gutters. Inspections and cleaning works should only be carried out by professional tradespeople who are fully qualified and insured to do this type of work correctly and safely and who comply with Health & Safety Regulations. We do not recommend non skilled people to carry out this type of work because of the possibility of accidents, injuries or further damages happening.
  • Be aware of old gutter systems; they are often the very heavy cast iron type of guttering which can become heavily rusted on the rear and inside. They are usually held in place with old rusted brackets and screws which could collapse when disturbed without any warning if in a poor old state.
  • If you are worried about leaks or blockages, you can check from ground level for overflowing water draining over the edges or leaks happening on the underside of the gutters.
  • Watch out for sagging or damaged guttering or plant growth which can often be spotted from the ground.
  • A sign of leaking or blocked gutters will be the appearance of wet stained walls and or mould growth. Defective and blocked internal box gutter valleys can cause leaks and wet stain marks to appear on the ceiling, just below the gutter valley level.
  • Any issues that require repair or replacement, ensure a trusted roofing company is available to rectify the problem before it’s exacerbated. TCK Roofing have almost 50 years’ experience and knowledge fixing and advising on gutter and box gutter valley issues, and can cast a professional eye over your gutters and rainwater systems.

How to clean rain gutters and internal box gutter valleys

  • Aim to have your gutters checked and cleaned at least twice a year if you live in stormy areas or close to overhead trees.
  • Ladders should be erected on even ground and made secure at roof level before inspection or cleaning works are carried out, using a minimum of 2 skilled people.
  • Don’t neglect drainpipes; make sure water flow is unobstructed. This can be tested by flushing it out with a hose.
  • Cleaning house gutters can be a tricky and a potentially dangerous operation. That’s why it’s recommended that you call out a specialist roofing contractor, such as TCK Roofing, to carry out a thorough, safe and professional job.

TCK Roofing offer complete gutter maintenance and repairs, all for a competitive price. Using our 48 years’ experience, we can expertly identify and repair issues to guttering and rainwater pipe systems, helping to get your gutters up and running again in no time. We are also able to replace defective parts in a variety of materials, and are skilled at installing gutters from scratch. Contact us by calling 020 3124 1983 today to chat to our team – we serve Central, North, North West, West London, Herts and  West Buckinghamshire. Or, contact us online.