Roof Life Expectancy Guide | How Long Does a Roof Last?

Roofing Life expectancy how long does my roof last infographic

Our clients often ask us “when does a roof need to be replaced?” The truth is that various characteristics influence the life expectancy of a roof. Contributing factors include the type of roof, materials used and the property location. Read on to discover how long you can expect a roof to last.


How long does a roof last?


The materials used in your roof will affect how long it lasts. 


Asphalt Roofing


The typical asphalt shingle roof will last roughly 15-25 years.  Roofs in areas that see significant windy/stormy weather may not last as long . Three-tab shingle roofs have a maximum wind-uplift of 60mph to 70mph. Using higher-quality shingles will improve maximum wind-uplift.


Approximate durations are:


  • Three-tab shingles — 10-20 years
  • Architectural/dimensional shingles — 15-25 years
  • Premium shingles — 20-30 years
asphalt shingle roof







Metal Roofing


Metal roof’ has a broad meaning; roofs can be constructed from a variety of different metals. A metal roof will typically last between 30 and 50 years, though the duration can vary depending on the materials used.


Approximate durations are:


  • Ribbed metal panels — 25 – 40 years
  • Stone-coated steel tiles — 30 – 50 years
  • Premium metals (including stainless steel, titanium, zinc and copper) — 100+ years
metal roof







Concrete and Clay Roofing


Clay and concrete are hard-wearing and durable. As roof surfaces, they have a long lifespan compared to alternative materials.


  • Clay — 50-100 years
  • Concrete — 40-75 years







Other Roofing Materials


  • Cedar shingles and shake roofs — between 20 and 40 years
  • Natural slate — can last anywhere from between 50 to 100 years
  • Composite roofs — 30 to 50 years
  • EPDM roof — 5 to 15 years
  • PVC and TPO membranes — 20 to 30 years


Factors that may influence the lifespan of a roof


There are many other factors that can either increase or decrease the lifespan of your roof. These include:



  • Ventilation — Effective ventilation will keep your loft cool. This prevents snow and ice from melting on your roof, which in turn prevents the formation of harmful ice dams.
  • Roof colourA darker roof will absorb more heat than a lighter roof. Over time, excess heat can wear your roof down.
  • LocationYour roof will deteriorate quicker if located in an area with heavy snowfall.


  • Installation — Professional installation can add years to the lifespan of your roof. Incorrect or poor installation will likely lead to problems that need regular roof repairs. Skilled craftsmen will use techniques such as ‘clean roofing’, which involves the complete removal of shingles and other roofing components.

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