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Damp Proofing & Timber Treatment

Our TCK surveyor will carry out a thorough inspection before treatment to establish the extent of the dry rot, damp or woodworm and its cause. The surveyor will also check for associated problems such as other rot or damp, and will also inspect other areas that may be at risk. These problems can compromise the structural integrity of your building.

Dry Rot Treatment

  • Eliminate the source of moisture
  • Remove decayed wood and damaged plaster or bricks
  • Remove the visible and accessible fungal growth
  • Apply fungicidal treatment to the remaining timber or brickwork
  • Replace all removed timber with treated timber
  • Replace removed brick, and render/plaster.

Damp Proofing & Tanking

  • Locate the areas of moisture
  • Remove skirting boards and wall plaster on the walls to be treated
  • Install damp proofing liquid into the walls by pattern drilling the masonry at the base of the wall and injecting a chemical solution until the entire depth of the wall is fully impregnated
  • Chemical injection process cures within the masonry wall to form a barrier to rising dampness
  • Adjacent abutting walls are isolated using a vertical damp proof course
  • Render-plaster walls following the damp proofing treatment
  • Tanking works to basement walls below ground level.

Woodworm Treatment

  • Locate the areas of infestation
  • Identify the species involved and determine whether it is active or not
  • Lift floorboards and gain access to roof voids
  • Lift roof insulation to gain access to the timbers
  • Apply insecticidal treatment to the timber
  • Replace all removed timber with treated timber

Why Choose Us?

At TCK Roofing & Building, we know how important your property is to you, which is why we offer a range of ways to protect your structure from damp, dry rot, wet rot and woodworm. Our third generation family-run company has over 50 years of industry experience, and our professional surveyors can carry out thorough inspections to locate any problems impacting your structural integrity and recommend the precise treatment.

For dry and wet rot we eliminate the source of the moisture, remove the damaged materials and apply fungicidal treatment to the remaining areas. We then replace old materials with treated timber to prevent the problem reoccurring. Similar processes are carried out for damp proofing where damp proofing liquid can be injected into the full depth of the wall to give complete protection.

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For woodworm treatment we locate the infestation to establish activity and identify the species. We then lift materials to apply insecticidal treatment to timber and replace any removed timber.
Our expert team can provide a free, no obligation quote for your site when it comes to our comprehensive timber repair and damp proofing services. Simply call us on 020 3124 1983 today or fill out our simple contact form for more information or to arrange your site visit.