Case Studies

My recent experience of this firm has been outstanding. Their knowledge and practical experience of historic building techniques and materials, and how to use modern techniques and materials to preserve and enhance, is a blessing to anyone looking to maintain or improve an older property. They know more than some chartered surveyors I have used in the past. The on site team was punctual, tidy and considerate, and every stage of the work was clearly defined, explained and demonstrated. Everyone with whom I had contact was courteous and professional throughout.

Ms Gordon Pugh

May I take this opportunity to say how pleased I am with the work that has been done. I found the whole experience from quote through to completion, a highly quality, professional and timely one. I would be pleased to recommend TCK to any prospective customer.

Mr Wharton

Customer had a refurbishment 9 years ago, and was having problems with their main flat roof leaking, skylights and outer parapet walls all getting damp during the bad weather. TCK roofing discovered poor quality works, and carried out re-designing and re roofing. The flat roof had a inferior levels, meaning that the weather could not drain off- so TCK. Had to redesign the roof to ensure this the problems were alleviated.

They carried out insulation works, and rendering and damp proofing of the parapet walls and fitting new copings to prevent the water from going into the buildings’ brick work. End result the client was delighted with the results and service. Which have lead to further recommendations for TCK to work with.

North Grove, Highgate London N6

They had already had previous repairs carried out by other roofing firms, which had not picked up on the up on the underlying issues. TCK went out and inspected the building, and found out where the problems were coming from. We then gave the client a full report and were contracted to carry out the works- including re-roofing works and improvement works on the slate roof with large valleys.

All the works solved the problems for their buildings and there was no disruption to their business while the works were carried out.

RX systems Ltd, Colonial Way, Watford

Brand new house building less than a year old, there was incomplete and bad workmanship- they had leaking roof- it had been passed and approved by the specialists, and they later found problems with the roof. The customer had several other roofing firms out to inspect the job, but they could not find any explanation as to what the problems were. TCK went to visit the job and discovered serious defects the roof and structure, and gave the customer a full report including photos to show the issues.

The result was that the roof was rebuilt and the other defects were rectified. The customer was able to claim back for the cost of the works & new roof from his house builders NHBC guarantee. They were delighted with the service help and advice given by TCK. They client was delighted as they did not have to move out or rent a property while the works were carried out, with no disturbance to their family life. TCK only employ their own staff with a site foreman to make sure that works are carried out to the highest standards and to be able to answer any questions or concerns, with the minimum of disruption for the client.

Beaconsfield, Mr.Grewal