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Advice for anyone whose roofs have been storm damaged

In the UK we've recently seen some very severe weather, particularly in southern parts of England. So far, some of the leading insurers are estimating the repair costs to be in the region of £110 million (source: If you have been unlucky enough to be affected by flooding or storm damange then here's some helpful advice on how to make an insurance claim for a storm damaged roof. Take photographs of the damage It's a good idea to take multiple, clear photographs which clearly show the damage that has occurred. Also, be sure to take note of the precise time and date when the damage to your roof occurred. If you have a photograph of your roof before the damage occurred then save backups as these could prove to be invaluable. Contact your insurer Most insurance companies offer a 24 hour help line for emergency usage. You'll be able to find your insurers contact details online. Contact them as soon as possible. They will arrange for a loss adjuster to visit your property to asses the damage. Call for professional help so that repair work can begin If there is a risk of further damage being done to your property then you can go ahead and arrange for roof repair work to be done yourself (source: However, it's very important to keep receipts. What if my neighbour's property has been damaged as a result of something falling off of my roof Most insurance companies are covered up to a certain amount. Contact your insurers for details. Record key events and communications Keep an accurate record of dates and times of all key events relating to your problem. This should include records of every telephone call you've made in relation to your roofing claim – including conversations with your insurer and any roof repair companies whom you've dealt with.

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